Fuck You, I Wanna DIY

by Johnny No-Cash

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First and fore mostly I would like to acknowledge and pay tribute and respect to the Yolngu nation - specifically the Yirritja and Dhuwa people - whose occupied land this music was recorded on. Arnhem Land's sovereignty has never been ceded. Wana naraka ga bubdurr.

Chris (Hang) and Andy Paine for being comrades in my insurrection against the Brisbane "punk" scene (next attack is scheduled at Peoples Park!). Brisbane Solidarity Network, Unite and all the Brisbane anarchists and other working class radicals for holding fast in the struggle against capitalism (wheatpaste run soon?). Shout outs to: Natedawg, Tom Green, the Tom formally known as Tommunist (hahaha), Becky, Trish & Marnie and cats, Sian, Ella, Jamie, Gemma, Ben and anybody else I forgot to mention.. Much love and respect for the all the beers, cigarettes, couches, bed space, mad chats and good times - yall have been a source of color, light and inspiration these last few dark and cloudy months. Love and solidarity forever. (...I promise I'll pay you back soon...)


released November 15, 2016

Recorded over three days in a cupboard, November 2016. Recorded and produced by Johnny No-Cash @ DIY Pipebomb Studios (the cupboard of d00m). All songs by Johnny No-Cash / except for the Pat The Bunny song 'Never Trust A Man Who Plays Guitar' and the Mischief Brew lyric on 'Smash The Punx' (rest in power Erik, the world is a little darker without you). Melodica on 'Exploding Chest Cavity Trauma' by some douchebag.



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Track Name: Malevolent (Human) Beings
Content with the illusion of the choice
Broken spirit, broken voice

As they rape the earth
They drag this carcass species deeper into the hearse

I'm not content with the illusion of the choice
Track Name: The Angriest Tea Drinker In The Whole World
I am the angriest tea drinker in the whole world
I am the filth the fury in the banner unfurled
I held the picket line with nothing but my sweat
I am the dirt king buried in a world of debt
So raise a toast to the death of cops, bosses and landlords
Lay waste to the politician and all that he stands for
Smash up the concrete and windows
And dance on their death bed
Our burning flag is black with a dash of red

To the homeless revolutionaries with blood dripping from their teeth
To arsonists, bank robbers and killers of police
They will not silence all we decry
And we will never rest till we stab them in the eyes

To the angriest tea drinkers
The crusties and the teachers
The painter and the brick layer
The plumber and the cabinet maker
If you feel my fury, then you can have my fist
And I will stand by you, even in the mist
Of pepper spray and tear gas
Of stun grenades and market crash
We are the struggle of every day which we pass

My name is
Johnny No-Cash

Queensland police put that gun in your mouth
I wanna see blood drip from your snout
Track Name: Exploding Chest Cavity Trauma
I'm fucking angry about nothing again and
I'm standing outside the train station shouting obscenities
To the wind and I'm not quite sure on how to move forward
And I doubt that I could even afford it
Sure I'm crazy about words like life, love, liberty, freedom and community
But these days I'm not sure I even know what those words mean
And I'm so fucking tired of these circular conversations
That never achieve anything more than the words are worth
The truth it hurts when it costs a million beers to even say those god damm words
You know I'll always be a grain of sand in the cogs of the machine
I know you know exactly what I mean

It was yesterday afternoon when we scored a point or two
Just to see us through
My friend kindly reminded us that was last weekend
And now its Thursday afternoon
We've been sitting here in our filth our stench drinking beer
Complaining about the government again
And I never want to feel that way again
Smoking cigarettes on the end of a driveway in Woodridge
I said fuck you for making me feel this way
But thank you for reminding me my heart is a hand grenade

Just waiting for the pin to drop

Now I'm so sober it hurts my fucking teeth
And I will never let you in or listen to your so called beliefs
Because its all just a bunch of bullshit
And I'll never understand why you ever felt the need to posture it
Because no ones listening to the drunk anarchist
Standing in the corner of the Crowbar with a clenched up fist
With a lot of shit to spit
Slurring along to Propagandhi
Spitting fire at class enemies
As I never thought I'd see the barriers you built up around me

Cause I'm waiting for the pin to drop

I figured out that life goes on without you
I don't even miss the cigarettes or the smell of your perfume

Cause I'm waiting for the pin to drop
So I can explode

There were so many things that I wanted to say
Before you promptly walked away
Track Name: Never Trust A Man Who Plays Guitar (crust-y cover)
So I dip this pen in arsenic
And write a song for every president
That wont ever get shot in the face
I'll wrap these strings in plastic explosives
And head down to the court house
With one chord I level the place
Hasn't anybody learned
Don't ever trust a man who plays guitar?
The day I rob a bank is the first day I'm not lying
To you or me about what I believe

If I die then let my grave stone read
Rest in P Funk
Cause no pulse is no excuse not to dance
If I live then let my heart beat like
A beating picket line
You'll sooner see a corpse than see a scab
Oh but
Hasn't anybody learned
The last to make the moves
Are the first to say the words?
The day I rob a bank
Is day I finally get what I deserve
The day I go to jail trying to kill a cop
Is day I finally get what I deserve
Track Name: Dumb Song About Antidepressants
You know that weird head spinny feeling you get when you haven't taken your pills? Your brain crying out because it hasn't had its mix of chemical happiness? I sometimes don't medicate just to feel that.
Track Name: All Empires End
You've got your guns, your votes
Your blinding hatred
Trickle down rhetoric stains
All over the pavement
Dump trucks filled with sand
Surround your ivory tower
As Oakland burns down tonight

I understand
The tear gas will taste the same
No matter who fires the first grenade
But I think I think this time
It's all gone far too insane
These are peoples lives
Not reality TV

I wish I could tell you everything will work out fine
You know as well as me that's probably a lie
If we don't pick our fists up and fight tonight
We may as well lie down and die

I understand
The tear gas will taste the same
No matter who fires the first grenade
Running out of time
It's all gone far too insane
These are peoples lives
Not reality TV

If we don't fight the fascists new rise
This will be our demise
If we don't fight we may as well lay down and die
Track Name: Smash The Punx
Come labor get ready and dance for your bread
And hope the cops don't put a bullet straight through your head
They'll laugh, they'll smile as you choke on your bile
And you'll stare up from the bottom of your rut for a little while
As the gravel crunches under the PSRT boots
You'll wonder where did all the punx kids go
They were drinking last night singing along to Choking Victim
Swearing they wouldn't go down without a fight
And they'll say they care as they dye their hair
With chemicals which destroy the earth
You'll start to wonder is it all an aesthetic
And if it is I think it's kinda pathetic

As my knees started to bleed I ran for the trees (aka Arnhem Land)
When I realized I was all on my own
Maybe they really just love the police
As they have no problem trash talking your beliefs
I wish I could sit still in the arm chair
You've found comfort in for so long

I know nobody on the scene likes me
Because I stood up for principal and put my fists in the face of hypocrisy
I can't handle my piss like I won't stand for your sexist racists shit
I'll throw you down a staircase again and again

Whats the bandanna for?
Whats the anarcho patches for?
There's nowhere I'd rather be
There's nowhere I'd rather be
Than far away from you

That's the day I worked out the punk scene didn't actually make the world a better place, it made it worse